9 Reasons Why I think Meditation is Awesome – 17 January 2013

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I thought I should write about why I think meditation is awesome. Not only do you become more aware of your breath, but there are a host of benefits to go with it. It is free, you can pretty much do it anywhere and even 5 minutes of quiet centeredness can leave you feeling like you are ready to take on the world.

I make a point of starting my day with just 5 minutes of internalization  One may think that 5 minutes is not enough, but if you are able to quiet your mind and focus quickly, sometimes 5 minutes is all you need. We can all find 5 minutes in our busy days. Some people say start with 10 minutes and then extend the time as you go along. But there is no set time, it is based on the individual. Time is a man-made concept, you will know when you are done. There is a host of information at your fingertips to find different techniques and there are also groups that may meditate together, be it physically in a room together or an online group of people who do a 40 day meditation for a purpose; be it self-love, finding inner peace, dealing with anger, etc. Only you will know what is best for you.

I prefer the silence. I don’t like guided meditations, they distract me. I don’t like music, I like silence. I like to hear the crickets in my head. I also like my meditations to be personal, I will focus on eliminating what is eating me as the eaters come. I prefer feeling wind on my face, I prefer to keep my eyes slightly open, I like to make I AM affirmations with each inhalation. I like visualization of light making my chakra’s sparkle, visualizations of my aura extending outwards in all its glory. If I am dealing with an issue, I like to visualize the issue leaving my physical body and seeing it float away, go down the drain, etc. Each to their own. This is what works for me.

Many people associate meditation with religious or spiritual practises. There are others who may think that meditating is opening yourself up to darkness (yes, I have heard all sorts of things), consider this next time you say your prayers or have a conversation with God. You are centering yourself, focusing on your intentions, your head is not all over the place. That my dear ones, is a form of meditation. Be that as it may, I am no more dark that a sparkly pink tutu. I am ok in my world because of it. Whatever gets your mojo warmed up is your business. 😉

So here are just a few reasons why I believe it’s good to subscribe to the oneness. I am sure if you asked around, you may get a host of others that are different.

#1 – Relaxation

We all lead fairly busy lives, it’s all go- go-go. In these times, its moving from one activity to the next and when you take leave from work, you find yourself even more busy because you feel like you can’t just do nothing, your very being is in constant over drive. Have to entertain the kids, have to make sure the house is clean, there is a to do list from here to next year and sitting down achieves nothing. Well, surprise, neither does flapping about like a crazy bird. That leads to burn out and you may find yourself with a few more issues than you bargained for.

Taking the time to just relax your muscles, relax your mind helps your body rejuvenate itself, your heart rate slows down, blood pressure goes down and you even sleep better. I put relaxation as #1 because I think if you can achieve this, the rest just kinda falls into place.

 #2 – Improved Oxygen Circulation

If you have ever paid attention to your breathing, you will notice how sometimes we don’t really breathe deeply enough. We don’t take in deep enough breaths and we don’t breath out as effectively as we could be. Deep inhalation brings oxygen to the tissues, while deep exhalation moves wastes from the body. Oxygen is used by every part of our body for proper function. You may even find you get ill less frequently.

 #3 – Gets rid of the pounding headaches

This may seem like a ridiculous thing to say. But it is one of the first options of medication I will go for. Sometimes headaches are caused by tension and stress. If you are able to relax, chill a little, the tension eases up. Focusing on your breath can also help take the focus away from the pain you are experiencing. True Story! So before you reach out for the asprin, take a breather. MEDITATE to MEDICATE!! 

 #4 – Stops the Merry-go-round

When you first attempt centering yourself, you become aware of the merry-go-round of thoughts. Your head is like a flea market. The chatter can be overwhelming at first. It is hard to tell all those shoppers to just chill a minute because you would like to have some quiet. But as you focus on your breath, you find they stop for a while. I like to breath in for 7 counts and then breath out for 7. Once I am in the zone, I no longer need to count, I am able to just be without the madness.

 #5 – Brings you into the NOW

We spend so much time thinking about yesterday. Then what we are going to do later, tomorrow, the week end, we have 10 year goals, 5 year plans. But we very seldom think about what is happening now. In this moment. Finding a place to just be in the Now can help you put things into perspective.

 #6 – Finding your Mojo

Going inwards can help you find what makes you tick. It is some blissful YOU time. Where you are focussed on yourself. We try and get knowledge into what others want, what pleases them. We give up so much of ourselves to make sure we can give others what they want. What about what YOU want? Finding what makes YOU tick and what makes YOU happy, helps YOU do those things for yourself. It is really not selfish to make yourself happy. If you are happy and have what YOU want, other people actually respond to you better. And in all that you realise that peace is inside you.

 #7 – Helps you deal with issues

I am a believer in picking my battles. Sometimes others may say hurtful things, do hurtful things or someone cut you off in traffic. Your initial reaction may want to be to retaliate, get into defence mode and fight back *GUILTY*. In the greater scheme of things, revenge, a game of Ping-Pong-hurtful-banter doesn’t achieve anything except get you more emotional. I have succumbed to a lot of judgement, especially regarding my beliefs. I have had to deal with a lot of disappointments too, many hurtful things being said. It’s nothing unusual. Its stuff we all deal with. Over time I have developed a locus of control and by allowing myself to breath it out, focus my inhalations on positivity and light and my exhalations on expelling the negativity and dark emotions, I am able to move through and come out at the other end feeling better. Made that emotional mountain a molehill.

 #8 – Increased Energy

How can you increase energy and relax at the same time? I am not sure why this is so. But I can only speculate that by releasing what no longer serves, you feel lighter. The load to lug around is lighter and in turn doesn’t slow you down. You have a bit more go, a spring in your step. Try it out, maybe it’s all in my head.

 #9 – Helps you keep Calm and Carry on

I have my moments where I can breathe fire and shoot daggers out my eyes. But for the most part, I have chilled out quite a lot. When you don’t have the mountain of stresses piled up on top of each other, you are actually able to take a lot more than you ever thought possible. You find the petty things don’t bother you. It’s amazing how an empty sugar jar at work can really get people irate. Really? See, you realise that it’s really no big deal. If you can’t function without your sugar laden caffeine beverage, perhaps meditate and fix that addition. *Cheeky grin*.

There is no #10. The reason why I am stopping at #9 is not because there are only 9 reasons, there are 100’s more. But my I am stepping out my comfort zone, my Virgo OCD tendencies want things to be neat, orderly and even!

Use it, don’t use! The gift of choice is awesome.

 Keep Shining! 

with love


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