Project 52 – Week in Review – 15 January 2013

Project 52

A week of pink, A week of nothingness and a few tears. It was an all round fabulous week. My mission was to find curtains and get some new clothes for work. I achieved neither.

08 January 2013-2retI love this pink,polka dot shirt, I just had to put it together with a bow belt. 

08 January 2013-3dra

Kelso went back to school on Tuesday. He started gr.0. Always an emotional day when you realize your little boy is growing up. I am loving every stage he goes through, even when that stage is pretty taxing on patience. I had a late start, I had plans to do quite a bit last week, but sometimes the nothingness is rewarding. I had lunch at Vovo Telo, I love the decor, the  feel of the place and the food is pretty awesome too. I sat and smiled quite a lot. Had a moment of pure gratitude for that all that is! 

08 January 2013-4ret

08 January 2013-5ret

08 January 2013-7Dra

08 January 2013-8

Even Darling Deerling had a great morning out!!

Thursday I stayed home the whole day. I wrote about reflecting, cried, read and watched TV. It was actually an exhausting, emotionally taxing, but a good day. 

I visited the most amazing little coffee shop on Friday morning. I wanted to have breakfast at Odd Cafe, but it wasn’t open as early as I thought it would be. I went on the search for somewhere open and ended up almost back where I started. I found myself at 4th Ave Coffee roasters on 4th Ave in Parkhurst. This place is tiny, decked out in pink and the coffee is something to write about. I sat there for some time, enjoying my moment. I had a random encounter with a stranger. I am not usually up for stranger conversation, but when it comes with idea’s, laughter and a good feeling, it is always most welcome.

11 January 2013-4

11 January 2013-5

11 January 2013-6

11 January 2013-7

Friday also aw an iPad purchase. My goodness. I couldn’t wait to get home to play with the little gem. But Kelso came home and that was it. “Oh Mommy, you bought me an iPad”. Erm… NO! He now has an array of his own apps on it to keep the peace at home. I am loving the photo editing apps on it. I know I am only catching on late, but better late than never right! I did blog about this on my Photography blog. If you can’t afford an expensive devise with fancy apps, A disposable film camera can make for some interesting photo’s too and a fraction of the price. Film is also like a lucky packet. You never know whats inside until you open it. So a dash of excitement gets added too the mix.

The rest is history. Playing with my new toy, spending time with my 2 best and cuddling my awesomely amazing cats. Munro’s mistress has fled, so he is spending more time at home!



The coming week is going to be awesome. I just know it. Back at work seems a bit blah in comparison, but its good to be back in the motion of getting things done. Love it. Have a fun time, all the time.

Keep Shining

with love


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