Project 364 – Elf Name Sillyness – 24 December 2012

I am sitting listening to the ‘702 Bandstand’. I love this music. Makes me want to dance around with Wild Abandon. And if I wasn’t typing this, I certainly would be!!

I always find these types of things amusing. I remember doing my porn Star name, ‘Brandy Clarence’ – Take your First Pets Name and the street you live in. At the time I lived in Clarence Road and the first pet I can remember is a dog named Brandy. I am certain I did not make that up. I had quite an imagination as a child, so I am pretty sure anything is possible. 🙂

This is your elf name. George’s one actually inspired me to post this one. Mine, Meh, not that funny.

32411_311765562257238_716293144_n Mine is Bubbles Sugar-Socks. 

Kelso is Cookie Pointy Toes.

George is…. *insert eye watering laugh* Merry Monkey Bum.

I find his so funny because I am the clown in the house. He is Mr Serious face. the one that brings balance to the madness that is often this household.

I have my Gammon in the oven. I GOT THE CHERRIES! My life is complete.

I hope everyone has an amazing Christmas and some good quality awesomeness. Hope Father Christmas had you all on his ‘Nice’ List! 


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