Been a while – Project 364 – 18 December 2012

So its been some time since I wrote last. Its amazing how when you have so much to do, there isn’t enough time. This initial intention of this blog was to record my days, to record my thoughts, the flavor is evolving, but I still want to keep track of the little things that make my life what it is – just awesome.

The universe throws little things on the ground for me, like little heart shaped leaves. This is not the first and not  the last….

25 November 2012

25 November 20122-8-2Miss Harriette, my oddball, chillaxing on the stairs. She is finally building the courage to get out a little more past the steps.

26 November 2012

26 November 20122-1-201 December 2012

Boy graduated. Gr.0 next year. Where have the years gone. Up the wall I guess. He is too awesome. His concert always brings tears to my eyes. Such a sense of Mommy Joy.

Concert & Graduation 01122012-1 Concert & Graduation 01122012-21The Box robot – I laughed so much. He is the coolest Kid ever.

Concert & Graduation 01122012-238 December 2012

Kelso’s unbirthday. he left his party early, I guess it was his party, and he was allowed to cry if he wanted to. We sang and blew candles out afterwards. My sweetheart.

08 December 2012-509 December 2012

Its Power ranger Time Yo. How awesome is it to share a milkshake with a power ranger. I am honoured.

09 December 2012-2 09 December 2012-310 December 2012

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY BOY!!!!! A day bunking work and school to have brekkers at Papachinos. And some afternoon bubble blowing with a good mate. the Good Life.

10 December 2012-4 10 December 2012-6 10 December 2012-7 10 December 2012-11 10 December 2012-16

14 December 2012

Change Team Braai – Heart. A group shot minus 2.

Change Team Braai - 14 Dec 2012-1215 December 2012

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADISON!! I know Kelso said you are demanding, but he loves you!! 😉

Madisons Birthday - 15 December 2012-6 Madisons Birthday - 15 December 2012-1 Madisons Birthday - 15 December 2012-12Hmmmm, I think that is all. My head is a-buzz with awesomeness. So will get to that soon. Love in the world to myself and those I love and everyone else.


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