Project 364 – Jingle Bells are Looming – 13 November 2012

Around this time of year there are a few things to look forward to. This is not to say I wish my time away, but the holidays are looming. As the year draws to a close I cannot help but get excited for Kelso’s school concert, His birthday, Christmas and time off work for a few weeks.

Last year was the first year Kelso actually got the whole Father Christmas thing. George doesn’t see the magic in Christmas, for him it is a Christian day. I grew up slightly differently. We had the tree, the lights, we left beer for Father Christmas and went to bed early so that the morning would come quicker. All this means is that the tree, the magic, the letters and all that Jazz is up to me. I look at this image and smile. We left a peanut butter sandwich and a steri stumpy out for the fat guy and he left Kelso a thank you letter. He was so excited that this was really a letter… FOR HIM.

With all this said, I am somewhat annoyed with the fat guy… He left a mess behind. red, gold and silver glitter, everywhere, for weeks. This year he better keep it tidy. 😉

Exciting days ahead.

May the light of love surround you all, always.


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