Quote of the week – by Kelso Keogh – 10 Feb 2012

“When you took my skin off you could see my spike lasers and bones.”

Enough said. My kid is awesome. Anyone who knows Kelso will know that he is always in character. I am not quite sure who he was when he said that though. Sometimes he warns me to be careful of the knives in his hands because if he cuts me  I will bleed. I thank him every time for warning. No one wants to bleed or get their head cut off, so I enter his space with caution.

Lately he has been Kurt AKA Nightcrawler. His Blue tail that he has had for the past while can now be related to something. Its always just been Blue and Fluffy. Now it has a deeper meaning. I don’t have any pictures of this blue tail, but below is just a picture of him being himself.



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