Project 364 – Services Offered – 10 Feb 2012

I almost forgot about this. Here I go on about nothing interesting in my days. This is what I see every day I take my son to school. And I finally decided to photograph it. Thank you blackberry and thank you Red traffic light for affording me this opportunity.

Some time back I retweeted a WTFFact which said that there is a company that will leave animal faeces on your enemy’s doorstep and in a very tongue and cheek manner; many asked me for the number as if I knew of this company. It reminded me of this. I have the service and the number in an image. And as I carried on driving I chuckled to myself and thought of all the pamphlets I have ever received.

I am sure every country has its oddball beliefs. At most traffic lights you will get a pamphlet with a list of services a herbalist or alternative traditional healer like person offers. You can really get so many issues resolved. You can get that job, win the lottery, and make female “private parts” more desirable. Yes ladies, you read right – hahaha. And for the guys, you can enlarge your penis and do a whole host of things. It’s quite an offering.  

I will often take one for a good laugh. I am all for believing what you want, but I do wonder the level of intellect of those who believe some of the things on there. I am all for natural medicines and all that jazz, for proper ailments. I don’t believe that I will win the lottery or dispel bad dreams if I click my heels twice, spin 10 times and give a real hearty YAHOOOOO. But each to their own.

It is these types of things that make South Africa an awesome place. It is so diverse. Regardless of the horror stories you hear, this is a cool place, full of interesting things and real gems all over the place. 

So here is my pic of my day. Use, don’t use it. Laugh at it, or hate it.

Just have a fun time, ALL THE TIME.

Love in the world.


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