i am candice

Apart from “LOVE LIFE LIVE”being a little personal mantra, so is “SIMPLICITY – IT IS MY WAY OF LIFE”. I try to not over complicate things. Life is far too short for drama, I leave that up to the people of Salem!
My surroundings are small, simple and colourful. I see beauty everywhere and almost every sunrise makes me smile. and say almost because in summer, sometimes I don’t see it on week ends if Kelso lets us sleep in, which I might add, is rare. But being someone who doesn’t want to miss the day time, the early rising just gives us more time together in the day. Every day brings something new. Every day brings some kind of inspiration. Beauty lies in the simple things. The small things that make you smile every time you look at them, the things that you carry around in your bag for good luck, the things you have next to your bed and even the toys that give comfort to your children.
I like to capture it all. I want to one day look back and see what made me tick during the years. 

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